Sunday, March 22, 2009

Udon Reject

It's amazing how much you can hate a piece of art that you were so excited about only a week ago. That's the case with this image right here. It will forever stand as a reminder of my rejection and the long hours I spent to earn it. But the bright side is that since it didn't win the contest and make it into the art book, you get to see it for free.

Several of my friends at work who also entered the contest pooled our artwork together to look at it before the winners were announced. Two of them actually won, but the one I thought was the best didn't make it in either. It shouldn't make me feel better... but knowing that art THAT good is sitting on the cutting room floor next to mine makes me feel like there could be any number of good pictures the judges couldn't include. That will help dull the sting until I buy the book and see what kinds of art the judges deemed better than mine and Adam's.